The Projects

The Projects

Tilted Field is a theatrical collective with members in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.  We develop and produce work rooted in the timeless stories and traditions of the theater, even as we defy its conventions. 


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No Static at All Poster

If your world is spinning…
put a record on.

A man experiencing a crisis of faith becomes obsessed with the lives and music of an enigmatic rock band. Solo performer Alex Knox takes us on a highly personal journey of self-discovery with stops at untamed beaches on Kauai, sweaty recording studios in L.A., and a tiny town in Israel that hides an earthshaking relic.

Production History

August, 2014 NYC International Fringe Festival


November, 2013 Seattle International Fringe Festival

June, 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival 

2013 Hollywood Fringe Awards:

WINNER – Best Solo Performance
WINNER – Best of Fringe Extension
NOMINEE – Best World Premiere (Fringe First)
NOMINEE – Best Performer (Orgasmico Theatre Company Award)

List of 2013 Hollywood Fringe award winners and nominees:


LA Weekly: “GO… Alex Knox weaves a winning tapestry of wry insight,
musicological history (of ‘70s jazz-rock supergroup Steely Dan, no
less) and engaging self-deprecation, all framed with elegant economy
by director Becca Wolff’s crisp, precision-tuned production.”(Bill
Full review:

LA Examiner: "Alex Knox is a storyteller, plain and simple. This show
is a work of art, especially if you love music… " (Bob Leggett)
Full review:

Turnstyle News: “The effortlessly charming Alex Knox… sets the mood by
spinning records through the show, timing his stories perfectly to the
soundtrack… Knox is an engaging, dynamic, and heartfelt storyteller…
Director Becca Wolff creates a perfect rhythm with Knox…” (Noah
Full review:

Bitter Lemons: “Alex is a very charismatic, endearing actor and his
quirky show is tight, simple and reads like an existential mystery…
Probably the best one man show I’ve seen so far.” (Colin Mitchell)
Full review:


Audience Feedback:

"Alex Knox is a visionary who reveals his determined search for
mysticism with poetry, humility and humor."

"I found myself quickly and pleasantly immersed in Alex's wonderful
storytelling and charismatic presentation. Alex weaves this tale in
such a way as to make it relatable to all of us that have struggled
with questions about the purpose of life."

"As anyone familiar with Monty Python knows, few things are funnier
than the desperate attempt to find profound spiritual significance in
the most mundane. Alex Knox smartly gets this, but then takes things
to another level..."

"I was won over especially when Knox lets loose in his life – and
onstage – to the jukebox playing the title tune. In real life, he may
have been watched by befuddled onlookers, but in the audience, it
resonated with me."

"Alex has taken something special to him and made us special to us...
I came out loving HIM, his depreciation of self, his wind-ups to
unexpected outcomes. Revelation after revelation, he is in the moment
completely and allows us to follow each step of his thoughts in this
loving/living history."

More audience reviews:



Mary Stuart Poster



Mary Stuart, the Electro Opera

World Premiere at Son of Semele Ensemble, performances begin 6/21/13


The charismatic Mary Queen of Scots comes to England and her followers rise up to challenge the power of Queen Elizabeth I. This classic story resonates in our times, as a divided nation attempts to unite in a globalizing world where political and religious differences continually tear it apart. The electro-sound, thoughtful lyrics and dynamic staging make visceral this drama of the eternal struggle between reason and emotion.




"Hyptonic" Broadway World

"Forget the history; come for the songs and music." LA Weekly


Production History


2/18/12-3/4/12: Workshop production at Son of Semele Ensemble


Works in Development

Watch this space for news!