The Odyssey Project

The Odyssey: A Return to Love

Telemachus’ life reflects my own. And mine reflects his. We both waited for our fathers to come home, who happened to be for some years not interested in coming back home. His returned but mine didn’t.
Jiyoun (JiJi) Chang -- Creator/Writer

And so begins the story of THE ODYSSEY: A RETURN TO LOVE. The goal of the show is to weave together a spectacular, operatic retelling of the ODYSSEY with one person's story: of losing her father, of immigrating to the US, of returning finally to love.
Our final step toward completion of a rehearsal draft of the script will come this summer, as we return to Drop Forge & Tool in beautiful upstate NY. We will work with composer Mowgli and a band of actor/multi-instrumentalists to create a score that allows the story of the ODYSSEY to soar.

We need your help to bring this talented group from all over the Northeast to Hudson!
Our goal is to raise $2000 by July 11. Please click the button below to make a safe, secure, tax-deducatble donation.

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